GoSwapp September Update

What’s going on behind the scenes

Even though it has taken some extra time to complete and release new GoSwapp features because of unforeseen hurdles like covid and apple listing issues, we have been working non-stop behind the scenes to make sure that we develop the best solutions for Defi and release them as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at what we have been working on and when these new features are expected to be released.

Due to Sushiswap’s popularity, we decided to integrate it into GoSwapp. You will be able to view Sushiswap charts, set price alerts, set favorites, see all the new tokens listed there, and see which of those tokens have had the most trading volume in the last 10 days.

Expected release time: September

We have completely redesigned the wallet portfolio to show more accurate information and added BSC and Polygon portfolio tracking in the app. So, now you will be able to keep track of tokens on all 3 chains inside the app.

Expected release time: September

We are in the process of writing the code for limit orders and are designing a system that will be flexible while keeping in mind the needs of users when they set limit orders. More details about our solution will be released at a later date.

Expected release time: Q4

The smart contract for liquidity mining has already been written and audited and the front end is being developed. Then after the final testing, it will be ready for use.

Expected release time: September/October

GoPad smart contract has been written and is being tested. We might still need to make some changes to it though. So, we will keep you updated as we progress.

Expected release time: Q4

Due to Apple’s strict listing policies, we might have to come up with a different solution for the iOS release. We are still exploring different ways to overcome this hurdle and release iOS as fast as we can.

Expected release time: Q4

Thank you for your support. Follow us to stay up to date.

Telegram : https://t.me/GoSwapp

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Go_Swapp

Website : https://goswapp.io/

Mobile App : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.com.limitorderapp



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