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In recent months we have seen a lot of adoption for alternative blockchains which has given way to new yield farms and other opportunities for generating a passive income. But with high APY there comes high risk and most of these new investment schemes see a quick rise and a quick fall.

This creates a very precarious situation for investors and new investors who are not familiar with this phenomenon usually end up losing money instead of making it because of the downfall of the yield farm, despite the high APY. Another barrier to investing in these new yield farms is that a lot of them are on different blockchains like polygon, BSC, and Heco due to the high gas fees on Ethereum and many people find it hard to transfer their funds to a different blockchain and keep track of it since there isn’t an infrastructure in place that would allow them to easily do that.

This is exactly what solves. It allows you to choose a risk level that you want and invests your money in different yield farms on several blockchains with just one click. So you don’t have to go through the complex process of transferring your funds from one blockchain to another, and you do not end up investing your money in pools that have a higher risk level than your risk tolerance. This is the evolution of yield farming and a successor to yearn finance in our opinion.

Not only that, but will also allow users to order a debit card that they can use to directly spend their gains made from investing with them. This is true innovation as formation allows you to invest in yield farms on different yield farms with just a single click all while making sure your investments adhere to your risk tolerance. And it also allows you to spend your gains directly so that you do not have to go through the hassle of traditional banks. It does not get any easier than this!

Formation will have its public sale soon and GoSwapp wants to support Formation in their venture to bring easy and intelligent investing options to the masses.




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